Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Saying and doing KATC: "Fiber 411 joins suit against LUS"

KATC posts a short in which we are treated to more of the weird gap between what Fiber411 says and what it has done.

What they say:
Tim Supple, Fiber 411: We want to make sure people understand that we are independent from Bellsouth and Cox and have no allegiance or economic ties to them.
What is said by what they do:
We are happy to accept the coerced participation of BellSouth employees in getting signatures on the anti-fiber petition. We pretty much asked for financial support at the time. We don't answer questions about how many of our petition signatures were gained by employees of BellSouth during working hours. We handed the petition in way short of the city-parish (not the city--which is issuing NO bonds) votes that even our own original interpretation called for at just the moment BellSouth needed political cover. We pledged allegiance to a BellSouth/Cox lawsuit when we could just as easily achieve our public ends by filing a lawsuit that does not also benefit BellSouth.

We gratefully acknowledge that without BellSouth's strategic intervention in coercing their employees to circulate our petition, we would have long ago failed to garner the numbers necessary for even the most tortured interpretation of the law and would not have grounds to get our faces on TV any longer.

We are happy warriors for the corporations and are just as willing to lie about our motives and just as willing to use deceptive strategies as are our mentors.
Come on, folks. Do the math. Actions speak louder, much louder, than words.

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