Friday, February 25, 2005

Sock Puppets' Pants Are on Fire

One of the original Sock Puppets of the Incumbents has a letter to the editor of The Advertiser that matches well with the public pose of humility he and his fellow Atlanta boosters have assumed in the wake of Judge Byron Hebert's decision requiring Consolidated Government to treat the LUS fiber plan as a traditional capital outlay bond issue.

Contrast that to this braying by the same author to a supporter of the LUS plan:
Lafayette Consolidated government is going to regret using its powers to persuade well know groups in Lafayette to back its risky plan. Groups such as The Advertiser, The democratic party, and others will also come to regret selling there souls to LCG. Now this risky fiber optic plan is going to go to a vote and the truth is going to come out. What the administration feared most all alone was the citizens of Lafayette being given the right to vote. Because the citizens are going to learn that there government was not honest with them and there going to learn that there local government that they trusted was trying to deceive them. Like the old saying goes the truth hurts, and when the truth comes out there is going to be a lot of hurting people including the 8 members of the city council that did no home work on this plan and voted on it. At the end of the day, IM afraid that Lafayette's citizens are going to loose its credibility for LCG and many others.
It's good to see that the court win has done nothing to diminish the delusions which lie at the heart of this group's opposition to the LUS plan.

LUS and Consolidated Government have no "powers" to use to steer those groups or any other supporters wrong. While Sock Puppet #1 (let's call him this for reference purposes in order to distinguish him from the rest of the 'Drawer' of Sock Puppets, as one of their members now proclaims themselves) refers to the Lafayette Democratic Party as a so influenced group, it just ain't so. The party came out in support of the LUS project as a result of internal discussions among its members, without input from LUS. They just happen to think this project will be a good thing for Lafayette.

As does The Advertiser.

But, the threats don't stop with Sock Puppet #1. Now, the entire Drawer is in full bray. They have now dropped the major pretense of their charade: namely, that their call for a vote is not a call to kill the project.

Note the comments on our blog on the original court decision, particularly like this one from Sock Puppet Drawer member "Baycock":

I am fundamentally against the current fiber plan. Now that the first item on my priority list seems to be a done deal, I will cross it out and move to the to the next item on the list. Defeating the bond issue as we now understand it.

I intend to keep crossing off items on my priority list until I get to the last item. Campaigning against and defeating Joey Durel and Marc Mouton.
Apparently intoxicated by the victory BellSouth won them in the Hebert decision, the Sock Puppets' have lost the ability to conceal their hypocrisy — or maybe they just don't feel the need to do so any longer.

Their effort IS about killing the LUS project — nothing more or less than that. It always has been. The only difference is that now they feel free to admit it. They have used a plea for referendum to shield their intent. Now that their wish will apparently be granted, the pose has been exposed to be the lie that it was all along.


GumboFilé said...

You will not win this battle by insulting and underestimating your opposition.

GumboFilé said...

It's an amusing word picture, sock puppets with pants, but I digress.

baycock said...

For someone as educated and as articulate as your writings portray you to be, I am surprised by your inability to recognize comments stated in the first person. You must have been absent from English class the day they covered that material.

I have never assumed the role of spokesman for anyone other than myself. I invite anyone to review any of my writings on this subject and they can make their own judgement. Any views stated by me are mine and mine alone. I do not now nor have I ever allowed anyone to speak or think for me.

You are a very talented and creative writer and I have enjoyed reading many of your postings even though our opinions are opposing. However, I was very disappointed to see you had to “barrow” my analogy of the “sock drawer”. Come on, you can do this on your own. You can do better. You don’t need help from me.

I never asserted that I was only interested securing the opportunity to vote on the bond issue. Many people are capable of thinking on more than one level at the same time. How about you, can you deal with gum and walking at the same time?