Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Standing Up! — "Opponents are exaggerating LUS plan risks"

The Advertiser completes its series of editorials with "Opponents are exaggerating LUS plan risks" which is supports of the fiber initiative with calm review of LUS' areas of competence, the city's prudent plan for phased rollout, and a clear understanding that the purposes of the plan do not call for raking in big profits but for benefiting the citizens of Lafayette by the saving the citizens money, improving our quality of life, and expanding the potential for economic development. From the essay:
The arguments against it are by companies seeking to protect their profits, a completely normal reaction. Their arguments, however, are less than compelling. The problems they cite in communities where government has entered the telecommunications field demand close study. In most cases, what has been called failure is no more than falling short of an overly ambitious game plan. Setbacks have been experienced by some cities, and estimates of revenue have had to be revised, but the communities remain committed and are moving forward confidently.

While generating revenue is essential to paying off the bonds and keeping up with constantly changing technology, revenue is not the basic goal. Competition will result in better rates, but as desirable as that is, it is still not the focal point of the administration vision. The vision is one of technological leadership that will result in explosive economic growth.

It is an exciting vision. We look forward eagerly to its fulfillment.
The essays, taken together, make a good brief for the project and are model of calm reason. We are lucky to have them injected into the conversation.

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