Thursday, February 17, 2005

Standing Up! --Sue the B*S*****

Hey now, that really is fast!

André Comeaux emails LPF and LUSFTTH with the following inspired suggestion and request for plaintiffs in a class action suit aimed at BellSouth and its minions:
I found myself inspired yesterday listening to Joey Durel call for
supporters of FTTH to stand up. It happened that I was sharing a table
with a group of plaintiff attorneys. A light bulb went on. Now I am
thinking of filing a lawsuit against Bell and 411 for blocking the opportunity for
my family to have a better quality of life. Do you think you guys could
use your blogs to help me find other victims who may want to join me? Any
help would be appreciated.


Do you think BS and Cox are standing in the way of a better life for you and yours?

Stand up!

1 comment:

GumboFilé said...

What an asinine comment. You want fiber but you want all the people of Lafayette to unwillingly assume this risk on your behalf. I am opposed to the city-parish proposal to allow LUS to compete against existing business. This is a principled philosphical position and I resent it being characterized as being opposed to the people of Lafayette. What I am opposed to is the city-parish overstepping its bounds at the expense of the people of Lafayette.