Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Support LUS

The Fiber411 guys are coming to the council meeting tonight to whine about their failures and to attribute them to other people. This stuff inevitably gets massive media coverage --which is what these guys are actually after. About all supporters can do is show up and voice their support.

We can say we support the plan and support avoiding the unfair referendum (aka mugging) that the corporations are trying to force on Lafayette. We can ask why, if BellSouth and Cox are so interested in dialog, they do it by lawsuit and suggest that they take a pledge now to fight fair and promise to strictly limit their spending to the amount of money that the city can spend.

There's lots more that could be said. Say it. Get up, get out, and get over there.

How: Just get a blue card as you come in and fill it out in support of the council; you don't have to speak if you don't care to. But adding your brief comments can be very effective.

What: A special joint meeting of the LPCG and the LPUA
Where: 705 University, City Hall, in the auditorium
When: 5:30, immediately following the regular meeting

(The official announcement)

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