Monday, March 07, 2005

Baby Bell says fiber future proof — in Virginia

Cox is looking down the fiber barrel in places other than Lafayette. Around Hampton Roads, Virginia, the battle with Verizon (their version of BellSouth) is about to be joined:
The fiber system gives cleaner connections than existing copper wires, with fewer points of potential disruption, and it is more reliable and allows for easier maintenance – all bringing cost benefits to the company, said Harry Mitchell, a Verizon spokesman. And the system is “future-proof,” ready for technology and products yet to come.

“If there are future applications out there that we’re not even dreaming of today, this network will be capable of doing that,” Cohen-Hagar said.
That is what their baby bell says. The short-sightedness of our local providers doesn't extend to all corporations. Of course, the reason that the folks in that area of Virginia might be considered for fiber might be that their most common family income is $56,879, while ours is $ 29,708 (2000 census). Not everyone in Verizion's footprint is getting fiber, only the favored few. It's all about the money for all of these guys.

There is no reason we ought to have to wait around while communities whose only virtue is that they are wealthier get better services. Since our providers have no intention of stepping up to the plate, we can do this for ourselves, thank you very much.

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