Monday, March 14, 2005


A friend of Mike's, Doug, and an Anonymous commenter on the blog all alert Lafayette Pro Fiber to a new pro-fiber website: Fibre911 (note the spelling). It appears to focus pretty tightly on providing access to good fiber information available on the world wide web. It promises to be a great resource and fill a hole in information ecosystem here. Welcome!

(Hmmm, with both the local Republican Party and now Fibre911 using this new spelling, I wonder if there is a little Frenchification move afoot locally. I can see the grin now. A little sly spirit never hurt anyone.)


Anonymous said...

new to your blog--any discussions on wi-fi's? fiber to the home is old news. wi-fi hotspots for wireless devices--that's where it's at.

John said...

Hi Anon,

We love WiFi here—and hope to see a cloud over Lafayette. I've posted a couple of times on the quintuple play and would love to see LUS pursue it. Adding mobility with high levels of integration to other services would be great.

Truth is, what's really hot is a big pipe. The dirty little secret of WiFi is that it requires a big, available pipe everywhere. It needs fiber down every street to provide adequate backhaul. Mesh is cool; that I readily admit. But mesh is tactic borne of desperation that costs latency and bandwidth with every hop.

Nope, if you want the sort of wireless mobility that futurists dream of with rich surfing, mobile video conferencing, wild-eyed gaming and movie downloads then you must have FTTWFN (fiber to the WiFi Node) :-)

Cheap, ubiquitous fiber. Then the cheap ubiquitous wireless for mobility that the cheap local FTTH network makes possible. Coming to a city near you.