Saturday, March 12, 2005

"Lafayette's GOP supports LUS plan"

The Advocate carries a full story on the Lafayette Republicans' endorsement of the LUS fiber-to-the-home plan. From the story:
Mark Gremillion, a member of the local Republican executive committee, said the group had a spirited discussion before passing the endorsement 9 to 4.

The resolution states that LUS is acting within the law to pursue the plan, that it would be a benefit business growth and education and that other utility providers aren't likely to provide a comparable service any time soon.

"Everyone agreed, both proponents and opponents, that this is an infrastructure issue, that this is not a public vs. private issue," Gremillion said...

Gremillion said because the kind of people who serve on the executive committee tend to get involved in issues they see as important, many will likely want to take part in activities supporting fiber in the community if a vote comes.
The Advertiser carries a brief piece covering the story. While short, it provides some additional interesting detail about the debate.

With both local Democrats and local Republicans endorsing LUS' plan it becomes clearer that the idea of a municipal fiber infrastructure for Lafayette can serve to bring us together. Possibly the best thing about this endorsement is that, should this come to a referendum fight, it won't be possible to try to divide Lafayette along political or ideological lines. This isn't going to be a left/right issue but a question of infrastructure and local self-determination.

What is needed now is for other crucial institutions to follow their lead and endorse the fiber project--not only because it is the right thing to do and in their own best interests, but because it is the best way to ensure that during any fight over fiber, the community will be treated with respect.

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