Friday, March 11, 2005

Stand Up! We need a pro fiber citizen's group!


We need to build a citizen’s group—a broad-based coalition of all of Lafayette’s people—to support the construction of a municipal fiber-optic network in our city.

We need a group whether or not this issue goes to referendum quickly; we’ve needed one for a while. It is now clear that there will be delays and a public battle no matter what happens next. The truth is that we’ve let the city and LUS fight our battle for us and carry water for us for too long already. It’s time, as Durel says, to stand up.

Lafayette Pro Fiber issues the call for a citizens' group today. You can express your interest in supporting the community by emailing:

We hope you’ll email us with support and with ideas for how we might best put together an organization that will serve us all. We need letter writers, programmers, and talkers. We need wives and mothers, husbands and fathers, cousins and couzaans. We need political organizers, businessmen, Creoles and Cajuns. We need the young and the old; we need the black and the white. We need Republicans and Democrats; we need liberals and conservatives. We need graphic artists, musicians, painters and photographers. We need carpenters, plumbers, lawyers, and legislators. We need pamphleteers and people to walk the streets.

We need us all. And we need to start now.

Please email your support and ideas. We are hoping to set up a public meeting soon. We’ll let you know what comes next and publish a list of first suggestions at

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