Monday, April 18, 2005


TechSouth will begin tomorrow and today is your last chance to avoid a charge at the door by registering online as a "tech enthusiast." The food-related events are sold out (congratulations organizers!.) But the online registration for tech enthusiast was still working this morning.

Here are three reasons to attend:
  • 1) The citizen's group Lafayette Coming Together (DBA "For Fiber") will be there with a splashy new booth, a big screen TV and Barcaloungers, or so I am told. Also push cards, informative packets, and the like. Come, hang out, and talk.
  • 2) The tech seminars. Too many to list here, but if you are interested in fiber, the creative side of technology, mobility applications, or GIS, there are whole tracks of presentations for you -- enough so that I suspect that many folks will be conflicted as to what to attend.
  • 3) A special attraction--and one that they might not have suspected will be available--is the "Broadband and Digital Divide" track. Wanna know what the big fiber pipe will be used for? Attend "What can you do with Fiber-to-the-Home That is Better Than the Alternatives?" Curious about fiber basics?: "What Is Fiber to the Home?" Or go listen to Jim Baller talk about "The Battle for Municipal Broadband" (hey folks, that's us).
Take a look at the seminar schedule and decide for yourself. Very few folks nationally have access to an event like this, certainly not for free. Take advantage!

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GumboFilé said...

Thanks for the link. I registered for a free pass but I'm not even sure I'll have time to go. I obviously already missed the first day.