Thursday, April 14, 2005

West Virginia bill dies Honorably

You'll recall that a while back I wrote with some pleasure of a West Virginia legislator who actually wrote his own legislation, much to the distress of the teleco lobbyists who regard that as their job. The law in question broke from the tradition of state telecommunication laws in other ways as well. It would have actually benefited the legislator's constituents and not his contributers. The law in question would have actually encouraged municipalities to enter into providing broadband services and would have helped provide a little competition in a state with a grand total of two broadband providers. What a great idea.

Well, apparently I spoke too soon. Muniwireless reports that after being amended into a competition-killing form by the industry ammendments, it was dragged back into a less onerous form by proponents but was so battered that it was graciously allowed to die in committee. With it died a real possibility for some state, any state, writing a new law that actually encourages competition.

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