Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Broadband Properties: The Case for Municipal Broadband

Broadband Properties just published a special issue on municipal broadband and it's well worth taking a look through. As you might expect from a magazine focusing on broadband and the connected community, municipal broadband gets a favorable review, though some dissenting voices are heard.

This follows on the heels of special reports on muni broadband from USAToday and CNet and more real reporting in the general media on the issue following the pyrric victory of Verizon in Philly and various anti-muni legislative losses in Texas, Florida, and elsewhere. My guess is that reporters are becoming better educated and that we'll see fewer reworkings of corporate press releases and more investigative work as the third estate scents the possibility of a story with some drama. Expect Lafayette to be the focus of such attention as our story heats up with the rising summer temperatures.

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