Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Broome Bill: Movie at 9:00 (am)

According to the senate website page on "Live Broadcasts," the commerce committee hearing today will be streamed. So you should be able to listen to and watch the sausage being made. The stream is set to start at 9:00 and until then you'll get some sort of error message when you try to activate the link. (You'll need the realaudio player to listen.) The agenda says the Broome Bill, aka SB 126, aka Cox's anti-Lafayette amendment to BellSouth's anti-Lafayette law, is the first item up. As I recollect they do tend to try to get the most contentious issues out of the way first, but are also amenable to last minute agenda changes. So if you watch pay close attention to the first few minutes when any such changes will be announced.

And yes, you'd get a much better and bigger picture with less breakup if you had fiber to the home.

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