Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Broome says she's not 'vicious' person

Here's the whole of a brief in today's Advocate (with the caveat that my streaming video-based recollection is that it was Mike Michot whose invitation to eat in Lafayette that elicited Broome's rueful reply):
State Sen. Sharon Weston Broome, a Democrat from Baton Rouge, told the Senate Commerce Committee last week that she had taken a lot of heat from Lafayette residents angered that a bill she authored would hurt Lafayette Utilities System's proposed telecommunications project.

After supporting amendments that excluded Lafayette from being affected by the bill, she asked City-Parish President Joey Durel to tell his constituents she's not the "ugly and vicious" person described in some of the e-mails she received.

Durel extended Broome an invitation to come to Lafayette and "eat some of that good food."

"Let me know when it's safe," Broome responded.

Thanks go out to the readers of Lafayette Pro Fiber who participated in the letter-writing and calling campaign that left Broome with the impression that even a senator from Baton Rouge wasn't immune to an outraged defense of Lafayette.

(Just for the record: I don't think anyone accused Broome of being ugly and vicious...complacently uniformed, unreflectively ignorant, and a willing tool of corporate interests to the detrement of the people whose interests she claims to champion come to mind. But not ugly or vicious. See earlier stories: 1, 2, 3)

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