Friday, May 13, 2005

Cox Raising Charges in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Business Report (in their Daily Report) says that Cox is raising cable rates in Baton Rouge.

Here's the blurb from today's Daily Report:
Cox raising prices for TV programming
Cox Communications is raising its rates for video service, which the company attributes to increased programming costs and higher costs of doing business, including a spike in gasoline prices. Cox is raising its expanded basic service $2.16 per month to $43.65 – a 5.2% jump. The company also is raising prices on some other video services. The cost of premium channels like HBO and Showtime will rise up to $2 per channel, which translates to a 10% or more increase per channel, depending on the number of premium channels picked by the subscriber. The price of digital service rises up to $1.50 per month, plus the expanded basic hike. Cox says the increases are the first in two years. The price hike is effective June 15.
Any idea of whether Cox is increasing rates in Lafayette, too? Are will they wait until after July 16 (Fiber election day) to let that shoe drop?

Update: Saturday's Baton Rouge Advocate has a story on the Cox rate increases there. What is interesting is who will be affected and who will not.

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