Monday, May 23, 2005

Cox's "Broome Bill:" Call to action

Do you recall the hoorah over the anti-Lafayette bill filed in our state legislature by Senator Broome on behalf of Cox Communications? That's the bill that would force a second election on Lafayette should the upcoming referendum pass, and fine the people of Lafayette almost a million dollars if they chose to invest in a municipal telecommunications utility --and give that money to Cox. Oh, and as lagniappe, it would further restrict the rights of every municipality in the state to do what Lafayette is hoping to do.

That it borders on the unbelieveable doesn't mean that our state legislature isn't capable of blindly passing it. The bill faces its first hurdle in a committee hearing in the Senate Commerce Committee. It should die in committee and all members there should be encouraged to vote "NO."

What we all need to do is to contact the good Senators who sit on that committtee and make our opposition plainly known. An email would be good. A phone call would be much better. And, if you've got some spare jack, try a many of those do they get these days?

Your phone call will be most effective with your senator. In Lafayette that's Mike Michot and he's already on Lafayette's side. Calling the others can only help but won't be as effective as a call from their hometowns. THE most effective thing you can probably do is to email or call your friends who live in or near the other senators' districts and ask them to contact their legislators. We all know how to talk and cell phones pretty much kill long distance costs. Ask your friends and family for a favor. Ask them to ask theirs.

The other senators live in Metairie, Gonzales, Chalmette, New Orleans (2), Livingston, and Winnfield.

Resources for the fight:

Don't need to read more? Want to get on the phone now? Want to email your friends with the info they need on their senator? Here's your page.

Want some fighting language for when you call? Sure, glad to help: The Advertiser Editorial; Lafayette Pro Fiber's outrage, next day's.

Looking to try and understand the issue a little better? I understand—just be aware we don't have much time. The Advertiser news story, The bill itself, Last year's almost equally obnoxious law that it modifies.

Here is something all folks who have Lafayette's best interests at heart should be able to agree on. This bill is a naked attempt to punish Lafayette, put forward on Cox's behalf. Let's see where the loyalties of those who claim to be for fiber, for our citizens deciding our fate, and for Lafayette stand on this one. Do they take effective action to protect Lafayette and the decisions that her people make at the polls? Or do they side with Cox? This should be an easy call...let's see what the anti side calls for on their sites.


GumboFilé said...
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GumboFilé said...

Speaking for no one but myself, I'm with y'all on this one. I will even send emails to Sens Michot and Cravins saying so. I wouldn't be me, however, if I didn't add that this bill is a predictable consequence of LUS/LCG hostility toward the free market.

David Hays (no "e")
Grand Coteau

John said...

Thanks, David, much appreciated.

John said...

Oh heck....

Wouldn't be me if I didn't point out that there isn't any free market in cable or telephony for LUS to hostile towards. What LUS will bring is a little competition for guys who've been fat and lazy too long. Sponsoring bills like these is classic monopolist behavior. It doesn't occur to real free enterprise companies to legislate their competition out of business or express bitterness toward communities that allow others to sell similar goods.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the legislature has no buisness restricting communities from deciding there own fate. This is excatly the kind of legislation that makes people distrust government and the politicians. And I wouldn't be me if I didn't point out that this admnistration tried very hard to deny lafayette citizens that very right. Tim