Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"Fiber forces get active"

The Advertiser's fiber story this morning depicts LUS' Wednesday's initial "Town Hall Meeting" as the launch of the effort to pass the upcoming bond issue. As noted, the factually oriented Town Hall meetings are one of the few ways that the utilities system and the city can "campaign" for the initiative. Not allowed by law to advocate a yes vote on the referendum, LUS and the city are limited in the ways that they can use to get the facts about the advantages of a fiber optic network before the citizens. Limited in ways, not coincidently, that their self-interested opposition is not.

(Timeout for aggravation: not allowing the people elected to act in the best interests of the people as a whole to advocate what they think best for the community is an example of the sort of bad law that gets passed when ideologs promote the idea that public servants as a whole are not to be trusted. It leaves those with an obvious axe to grind unlimited freedom while irrationally restricting those whose logical interest is in the greatest good for the greatest number. I'd take the word of my elected officials over the opinions of the sorts of corporate representatives we've seen lately any day...if I was allowed to hear it.)

The pro-fiber campaign has actually been underway for a while, of course, as has the opposition's. The recent push poll probably should be taken as the first shot in the final battle.

The story mentions, in passing, tonight's digital divide presentation before the council and Thursday's bond commission meeting. Both are worth noting and watching for reaction. The digital divide committee will present its findings tonight, at the 5;30 meeting of the council. That will be well worth interesed parties viewing, either in person or over AOC. There will be a lot more laid before the council and the public than will be included in any summary follow-up story; a story sure to focus on whatever the opposition latches onto to complain about.

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