Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Lafayette Coming Together launches web site

Lafayette Coming Together, Lafayette's citizen action group, has just launched its website at:

From a mission statement for the group...
Lafayette Coming Together is a group of citizens who have banded together in support of Lafayette Utilities System's fiber-to-the-home project. Our members come from different political parties, different parts of town, different occupations, races, and ages. We believe that the LUS fiber project represents an important step toward a brighter future for our community, and we are willing to work to realize that vision.
The group aims to be the organization that focuses on facilitating direct contact between Lafayette citizens--canvassing neighborhoods, maintaining an email network, providing a clearing house for information, directly contacting legislators, soliciting donations for "consumables" like buttons, yard signs, and bumper stickers which give each of us a chance to declare ourselves. A person-to-person ad campaign launches today with an ad in the Independent that simply lists the names of those willing to stand up for Lafayette. The group aims to keep the tone as light as possible... it's the Lafayette way to have a little fun with your seriousness, a little sugar in the coffee. Look for a viral campaign using the tools that modern technology gives us and our community's humor and creativity. There's lots you can do without a great pile of money. (And more that you can do with it.)

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