Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Lafayette Coming Together disinformation alert

The following is an email alert sent out last night by the citizens' group "Lafayette Coming Together"--an LPF ally. Don't be surprised to find a copy in your email inbox today. Members and their families, friends, and colleagues are being encouraged to spread the word as widely as is possible. Email gives us a fast way to get the word out to many people on the more outragous disinformation tactics of the Cox and BellSouth. (Please excuse multiple copies! Lafayette Coming Together has launched its website at and you can sign up for an email newslette and alert system there.)

The text of the email...(feel free to cut and paste it into your own email program for distribution to your friends. Join our viral campaign!)

Disinformation Alert: There They Go Again

Please forward this email to your family, friends, and colleagues. A "push poll" seeking to deceive the public about LUS' fiber optic plan is underway right now and if we can let people know what they can expect and what the "poll" is about before they answer the phone we can prevent a lot of unnecessary confusion.

There they go Again....

In a repeat of last year's campaign of disinformation Cox and Bellsouth have launched a "poll" whose sole purpose is to sow confusion, uncertainty, and fear. Reports are coming in about a telephone push poll that residents are receiving, of the kind that purports to state a "fact" and then asks the respondent how he feels about it. Of course, the point is not to find out what the respondent feels, it's to feed him disinformation -- the poisonous and untrue "fact."

The one making the rounds now is particularly outrageous, and someone should be ashamed of themselves. Of course, no one is claiming responsibility for the poll, either on the phone or in public. We've paraphrased the questions because we don't have them recorded, but who do you think would formulate questions like these?

* The south side is more affluent than the north side, so it will get fiber first. How do you feel about that?

* Since there is an issue with separation of church and state, you will possibly lose your religious channels. How do you feel about that?

* Watering your lawn during summer months is rationed to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. How will you feel if you can only watch television on those days?

Word on the street is that a local BellSouth employee was heard presenting some of these same "facts" at a citizens' meeting last night. But we've also discovered that the phone number from which the calls are made belongs to a research firm used by Cox in a similar effort last year.

None of the "facts" hold water. The fiber build-out will be done more or less simultaneously on both sides of Lafayette; religious programming will continue to be broadcast; and, believe it or not, you will still be able to have your TV every day of the week.

Don't buy it; none of it is true. And don't let family and friends buy it either. Keep them informed. Please forward this email to as many as possible.

John St. Julien, Mike Stagg, and Don Bertrand for Lafayette Coming Together.

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