Saturday, May 14, 2005

"LUS plan faces busy week"

The Advocate runs a wake-up story on upcoming fiber-related events. This type of story is a bit rare. We tend, unfortunately, to think of news as something that is past: that is what is evoked by the phrase "the news." But there is another sense we'd do well to to pay more attention to: "news of" and this story, "LUS plan faces busy week" is in that category.

Come Tuesday there will be a crucial presentation of what promises to be a very interesting report from the Digital Divide Committee put together at the request of the city-parish council. Bridging the digital divide has been a central issue in the drive to build a publicly owned fiber-optic network in Lafayette since it was first introduced. Regular readers know how important I consider this portion of the project. If you are similarly motivated, try to make it to the meeting or at least watch on AOC.

On Wednesday, as the story notes, there will be the first of a series of Town Hall Meetings sponsored by LUS to give citizens face to face meetings with principals in neighborhood meetings across the city. The first one is in the Robicheaux Recreation Center, 1818 Eraste Landry Road at 6:00. Lafayette Coming Together is distributing flyers in the neighborhood in advance of the event.

Then on Thursday the circus travels to Baton Rouge to stand before the bond commission to get the election approved...

There is a lot going on this week. Stay tuned to this station....

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