Thursday, May 05, 2005

"New group to promote fiber-optics plan"

The Advocate carries the news of Lafayette Coming Together's website launch and the formation of an associated PAC.

The story is straightforward. A few excerpts:
A group has formed to begin raising money to operate a grassroots campaign of support in the upcoming election over funding the Lafayette Utilities System telecommunications plan...

The group said it will canvass neighborhoods, maintain an e-mail network, provide a clearing house for information, contact legislators, and solicit donations for buttons, yard signs and bumper stickers.

"Our members come from different political parties, different parts of town, different occupations, races, and ages," the release says.
The only problem with the story is that the URL was incorrectly given as a .com address, not the .org one. The right one is Give it a look-see.

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