Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Standing Up--Louisiana cities back Lafayette

The list of endorsements grows. From the Louisiana Conference of Mayors:
Therefore be it resolved that the Louisiana Conference of Mayors endorses Lafayette's project to develop an FTTP network, as an addition to currently deployed DSL, Cable, and fixed wireless solutions.
Not only is this a win for Lafayette, it is a win for the state and for those who would try to maintain the rights of cities in this state to serve their citizens in the manner they believe best fits local needs. It means that this issue is on the cities' radar, that they are informed, and that they well recognize where their best interests lie.

They give all the right reasons: global competition, local development, and, explicitly, the right of cities to deploy fiber if they desire.

Clearly Senator Broome's anti-Lafayette prefiled bill is the inspiration for this move. That bill would force a second vote in Lafayette and would punish the city for exercising its rights by releasing Cox from contractual agreements to pay the city for the use of its property and to continue contractual support for local community operations like AOC. (More detail? Mine. The Advocate's, The Advertisers) The cities are closing ranks and firing a shot across the legislative bow. It's the right thing to do. May Senator Broome's bill die a very obvious and embarrassing death.

Just for the record: The Louisiana Conference of Mayors is affiliated with the National Conference of Mayors. Maybe the word can be passed up the line? This is one of those (few, I admit) places where Louisiana is well ahead of the curve. A national declaration might help other embattled cities.

If you'd like to see a copy of the document I've put one on our server.

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GumboFilé said...

Of course other cities back it. It's in their self interest to do so and it costs them nothing.