Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Standing Up — "When Push Comes to Shove"

"When push comes to shove" is the name of the editorial.... It's an old way of saying that a person can only be pushed so far and before they have to stand up for themselves

For Steve May and the Independent, that point came last week after they discovered that their pollster had acted unethically. So they decided to stand up:
We fired The Independent Weekly's pollster, Verne Kennedy, last week...once we learned that Kennedy and MRI were responsible for conducting ...last week's anti-LUS fiber "push" poll to area residents, we immediately severed our relationship with him. Engaging in the sleazy business of push polling is a bridge too far for us.
That's pretty "stand up." "Stand up" is another of those old phrases, a phrase for someone who goes ahead and does the right thing. That's what we're seeing here. And the Independent minces no words about what's wrong with push polls and by extension those who practice, commission and condone them; it's not clever marketing—it is lying. And worse:
The greatest danger from the practice is its capacity to spread lies and disinformation about candidates or issues without the perpetrator having to take ownership of the lie.

Push polling tries to deny us, as voters, the ability to connect the dots between the lie and those who benefit from its telling. It should have no place in Lafayette.
What the Independent is saying is that it won't tolerate or be associated with folks who spread lies, most especially when it's done from behind the cover of anonymity. This public and final act serves notice that even friends who engage in this sort of behavior are in line for condemnation. That kind of integrity isn't easy in today's world and is rarer than it should be.

Kudos to Steve May and the Independent.


GumboFilé said...

I'd like to know what the folks at Cox, BS and MRI were thinking then, and what they're thinking now. They certainly seem to be doing all they can to help y'all. It's almost suspicious. almost.

John said...

David Hays,

Now there is a little language that is a lot like a push poll. A person just sorta, kinda, not really, introduces this little idea but, hey, it's not his idea. It's just suspicious. He doesn't mean it. He's just saying it. You know.

Come ON they got caught and admitted it.

Here's a challenge: Don't make funny. Condemn them.

GumboFilé said...

It is funny. You gotta wonder what they were thinking. How did they come up with this? How could multiple people from multiple companies all fail to see how this would be received.

I can understand why y'all would be angry initially but I can't believe that none of y'all got a laugh outta this, especially after the fallout. I have more cause to be angry because I have to continually fight against their stupidity. Y'all get to use it.

It's not my place to condemn, especially when someone shoots himself in the foot. They're getting what they deserve in the press.