Thursday, May 19, 2005

What's being said: "BellSouth. By any means necessary?"

The reaction to the push poll story continues to rattle around the web. We're not the only ones amazed. In Lafayette, as far as I can tell from those I talk to, we tend to respond with humor and amazement at the stupidity and with only a relatively minor chord of disgust.

Elsewhere disgust is the primary response.

Dave Burstein over at dslprime has a few choice words in response to the Independent editorial that stood the Independent's pollster Verne Kennedy up in front of a firing squad and pulled the trigger. Says he:
Fighting municipal fiber builds isn't a cause that justifies throwing away all your ethics. Bellsouth's behavior in Louisiana should have consequences throughout the company. When BellSouth's Bob Blau makes a speech in D.C., the respect he's earned is diminished if his company falsifies the truth down south.

It's time for Duane Ackerman to make sure his company lives up to his ethical standards. Bellsouth already donates too much money to the sleaziest folk in politics, lining up alongside Verizon and SBC with literally millions of dollars.
Of course I don't expect that anyone will be so uncouth as to suggest that they don't believe Bob Blau when he stands before the FCC or Congress asking to re-monopolize the phone network in the name of "competition."

But really, maybe they should.

Oh, and if you want to see what the readers of Broadband Reports has to say just click right on over.

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