Sunday, June 19, 2005

Advertiser Launches Series of Educational Items

The Advertiser has launched a series of short educational "items" as part of its continuing coverage of the Fiber to the Home referendum. Up today are some background terms:

  • Fiber optics: bundled hair-thin glass filaments through which light can travel, transmitting large amounts of information at the speed of light over longer distances and with less interference than metal cable.
  • Fiber to the curb: fiber optic lines that reach within 500 feet of a home or business' curb. One fiber would be split to serve numerous customers.
  • Fiber to the home: fiber optic lines that extend all the way to each home or business that subscribes. Each customer is served by a fiber line, eliminating competition and bottlenecks sometimes faced with fiber to the curb.

  • Not a bad way to start.

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