Friday, June 24, 2005

"Consultant cites network benefits"

Fell behind in my blogging duties today....helped put up some of those handsome 4x8 For Fiber signs you are seeing arournd town.

But this morning's Advocate posting on Lafayette Coming Together Breakfast deserves some attention. Read it beside the Advertiser's version and you might wonder if it Toccalino, the keynote speaker, actually spoke at two different events.

This telling of the story thematized LEDA's endorsement (not mentioned at the Advertiser) and reported points from public housing director Walter Guillory's speech (given as a board member of LEDA.) Not reported, but in the same vein, were endorsements from the realty firm Van Eaton and Romero.

The story also covered Toccalino's comparison of the Cedar Falls and Waterloo, Iowa experiences, including a tidbit I missed that the Cedar Falls municipality has a 75% take rate.

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