Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"Executive to cite fiber-optic benefits for Iowa city"

The Advocate carried a story yesterday about the Lafayette Coming Together Unity breakfast. The story focused on the economic potential claimed for a fiber optic network.

John Toccalino, director of integrated networks for Black & Veatch Telecommunications Division, will talk about the economic development experienced in Cedar Falls, Iowa, after that city built its own fiber-optics network, according to a news release from Lafayette Coming Together.

Cedar Falls has been used as an example by LUS officials in the past. The small town built a fiber-optics network in 1996, while the larger, neighboring town of Waterloo did not.

In the years since, Cedar Falls' industrial park has grown several times over -- including a large Target distribution center.

The event is also a chance for supporters to show their support and to demonstrate the breadth of support for our fiber to the home project among all of our community.

Tickets are still available...please consider attending.

Tickets can be purchased at LaQuinta Inn and Suites in the Oil Center, Durel's Pet Shop at 3814 Ambassador Caffery and The Independent Weekly at 551 Jefferson St.

Tickets are also available online at and can be picked up at River Oaks the morning of the breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

From what I've got Cedar Falls a very good example for LUS. However, they don't have fiber the the home. They told me its was fiber the the curb, or node. Is that correct?