Thursday, June 02, 2005

"Fiber-optic issue just warming up"

Kevin Blanchard publishes one of his analysis pieces in today's Advocate. It is a "state of the battle" report that takes a snapshoot of the current, amazingly quiet, battleground. You come away from the article with the impression that the pro fiber sorts are working on grassroots elections tactics--with town hall meetings, the fiber film festival, and the new Blue Moon Fiber Jam receiving attention while the incumbents, aside from a notable misstep in regards to the push poll, are feeding higher on the food chain. Lawsuits, the Broome/Cox bill in the state legislature, and the upcoming Public Service Commission hearings are all highlighted as incumbent opposition tactics.

We do already see a soft sell campaign on Cox's cable channels (it's not running those smiling ads elsewhere in Louisiana) and it is impossible for this observer to believe that Cox won't use its ownership of the city's major media channel to flood the airways at virtually no cost to themselves prior to the election. Suggestively, hurricane season opened on July 1st and I can't help but believe that we won't get a major storm here. The shape of this battlefield is surely about to change.

Kevin Blanchard's story is a thoughtful and knowledgeable walk through the present state of things. Go take a look.

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