Monday, June 20, 2005

"Fiber to benefit medical field"

The Advertiser has published the second in a series of short educational articles that offer some background information on the fiber to the home project which is going to be voted on on July 16th.

This one focuses on the medical profession and how better and faster communications speed diagnosis and make consultation with out of town experts more practical.

This might sound a little exotic but a father in one of the town hall meetings (the Dupuis Center if memory serves) stood up and talked about how long he had to wait for his daughter's scan to read by a specialist in Australia and sent back to Lafayette. They sat in the emergency room waiting room for over 3 hours for the upload to complete.


Micheal Jordan said...

Hurry Dr Suess go download me a heart i need it for an operation .........we have fiber we can save this monkeys life fiber running out of excuses hoo get your tax checks out we are heading for DISASTER

John said...

This so-called Michael Jordan, who is not using his real name, is a coward who spews spittle when challanged. Here in the southland we don't bother with such.

If he had the courage of his convictions he'd use his real name. But he doesn't want people to know who he is, so he hides.

Anonymous said...

This is obviously a user named IMALLIN on fiber411. He had this similar post:

"Timmy !!! quick go download me a heart i have a transplant to complete ....what a joke LUS is if my Doctor needs to download some procedure or anything for that matter i think im going to find another doctor. They are running out of excuses ..i hear there running PSA's on a local radio station i think Fiber411 should run one also its free something to think about"

This guy also posted homosexual jokes, as well as extremely sexist references to women in general on the fiber411 board. To top it all off, he went ahead and accused the LCG of being racist!