Sunday, July 17, 2005

'38% is the Functional Equivalent of 62%'

According to press reports, the Sock Puppets have come up with yet another functional equivalent argument.

Here's the relevant quote from The Daily Advertiser:
Fiber 411, the citizens group that opposed the LUS plan, took the loss as a victory.

"I think we won," said Tim Supple of Fiber 411. "We started off wanting to get people the right to vote. We accomplished that. We tried to get people to understand the issue. We accomplished that, I hope. We won."
The reality of the situation is this: Voting in support of the LUS fiber project: 12,290; voting against, 7,507.

Fiber to the curb is NOT the same as fiber to the home. Winning is NOT the same as losing. Denial is NOT a river in Africa.

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John said...

Speaking of functional equivalence: here's a nice bit on the Fiber to the Curb/FCC version that spawned the category: