Sunday, July 10, 2005

"BellSouth falls short in Internet support"

I had to respond with sympathy to a fellow macintosh user stymied by technical support. Francis Comeaux spent better than two weeks trying to get her machine's connection stable. Treated to tech support from India and the Philippines she was finally told that BellSouth had made network changes that made her connection flaky and that it would be awhile... Her conlusion:
One the 17th day, I contracted a new provider for both phone and Internet. BellSouth's lack of technical know-how and signs of sheer apathy were grounds for changes.

Apathy - not a favorable disposition for any business, especially a partnership.
Service is an issue that doesn't get enough play..but when you go to LUS you will not get anyone from India or the Phillipines. And you will get someone who cannot only pronounce Pont des Mouton, but also knows it is a road.


Larry Amy said...

I've had a similar (can't get the problem fixed) experience with my electric provider (LUS). Unfortunately, unlike Mrs. Comeaux I cannot change provider.

Mike Stagg said...

Document your claim, Larry.

Anonymous said...

I don't see you asking for Mrs Comeaux to document her claim?
However, for the record: The service to my house runs about 400ft. (from the transformer). When my AC unit kicks on, my lights dim. LUS has been called numerous times about the problem and has made several changes (including changing the service line). They indicated it was too long of a run from the transformer. I've also changed my service (meter and breaker) at the house. The problem still exists.

So as you can see, its not too hard to find someone who has a problem with LUS service either.

Mike, you'll find that I'll be happy to substantiate my statements and opinions, and debate them when given the opportunity.

Larry Amy

Anonymous said...

My main point is that it is silly to use examples like this to support either side of the issue. It takes away from any rational discussion.


GumboFilé said...

I'm puzzled as to how Mrs Comeaux was able to get these services from another provider in an area that has no competition.