Monday, July 04, 2005

Bill Decker Endorses LUS Fiber Project

Bill Decker of The Daily Advertiser has endorsed the LUS fiber project and, in the process, debunked a couple of the ever-changing arguments of The Sock Puppets.

Now, if someone could just get Publisher Ted Power to get his hand out of the news coverage, the paper might be able to recover from its recent lapses of journalistic integrity that appear to be the product of outside meddling.

If this problem is not corrected, then key advertisers of The Advertiser should have a sit down with Mr. Power and let him know that they are aware of his ham-handed attempts to skew coverage to the advantage of his buddies at Bellsouth and Acadian Ambulance.

Power's meddling makes the recently departed Judy Metzger look like Ben Bradlee in retrospect.

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