Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Daily Advertiser Renews Endorsement of LUS Plan

The Daily Advertiser renewed its endorsement of the LUS fiber referendum today, urging voters to vote yes for fiber. In the process, the paper tears down the arguments of opponents of the project.

As has become evident in the final days of the campaign, opposition to the plan is based solely on rigid ideological opposition to the notion of government having any role to play in markets. Recognizing that LUS's history of trusted service undermined the core of their argument, opponents so tried to strengthen it with deliberate misrepresentations about this project and other municipal fiber projects.

In their public statements and their direct mail pieces in the final week of the campaign, opponents exaggerated the risks associated with this process and outright lied about the potential impact of the project on utility rates and taxes.

The nature of the opponents' campaign has undermined whatever credibility and good will they might have retained, had they been able to wage a principled fight against this issue. They revealed themselves to be nothing more than obstructionists willing to do or say anything in order to scare people into voting against the project.

Through their methods the opponents demonstrated that they have forgotten that the ends do not justify the means and, in so doing, they insulted the intelligence of the citizens of this community.

Lafayette has come together behind this fiber referendum and no amount of distortion by opponents will prevent us from claiming a victory at the polls tonight!
Vote Yes For Fiber Today!

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