Monday, July 04, 2005

Disinformation Alert: Status Raised: Orange

Threat Advisory Alert:
Emerging Disinformation Storm

Lafayette Pro Fiber Disinformation Alert System

The Disinformation Alert Level is reset to : HIGH

The Disinformation Alert level is reset to Orange: High in response to a rising level of misinformation emanationing from the incumbents, Fiber411 and local media. Following rising gusts of incumbent misinformation in the form of the "fiber to the curb" and "functional equivalence" misinfobytes (adequately analyzed by Slick Sam Slade) a new and even more puzzeling gust of hot air is blowing in from unexpected quarters. The "staff drafts" misinfobyte deceptively uses the early stages of a public process of drawing up multiple drafts of new regulations to imply that there is a full-blown threat to the viability of the LUS system. The commissioners have yet to even meet to look at these first drafts. This is an astonishingly ballsy way to try and confuse us. Without a doubt this sort of "you won't get it it anyway" implication is meant to depress the For Fiber vote. Resist this manipulation. Go to the polls and vote Yes! For Fiber on July 16th.

All concerned citizens are urged review the Citizen Guidance documentation for threat levels Orange: High and below.

You can learn about the general design of the system on our Threats System page and arm yourself to actively resist disinformation by carefully studying and following the guidelines contained in our Citizen Advisory on Citizen Guidance on the ProFiber Disformation Advisory System

Vigilance is the price of fiber

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