Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Editorials - The Lafayette Daily Advertiser

The Advertiser weighs in on the election in an editorial:
The approval last Saturday of the proposal allowing LUS to sell $125 million in bonds to finance the fiber-to-the-home project was gratifying. It laid the groundwork for Lafayette to move forward with giant steps toward accelerated economic growth and technological leadership. We applaud the decision of the electorate.
The editorial goes on to state that the supporters still need to work to make the project a success.

You ever been in a situation where you agree with the sentitment but just can't buy the partictular argument that gets your friend there? That's the way I'm feeling now. It's all true: this decision of the electorate is worth applauding, and those of us who supported the measure can't slack off now. But the thrust of the argument seems to be that we should worry about a high turnout election and a landslide victory and hurry out to do marketing for LUS--because the turnout wasn't higher and victory wasn't bigger. There's gotta be a little suspicion that this was substantially written before the turnout turned out to be almost twice what the registrar predicted.

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