Sunday, July 10, 2005

Fear and Loathing Letter

Go take a look at this anti-fiber letter. I've largely backed off taking every anti-letter and pointing out the ways in which it is driven by fear of the future and a loathing of a democratically elected government. But this overcast Sunday morning I am driven to return to the well.

What makes this letter a little more interesting than some is the way in which the author contradicts himself. On the one hand he is doubtful about a plan that doesn't commit to a total build-out. He is suspicious of a plan that would build out first in a couple of neighborhoods; apparently because he believes some neighborhoods would be favored. On the other hand, what plan does he suggest? Why one that would only build out in a few neighborhoods first, one which would definitely favor those neighborhoods but which does not include the provision to bring everyone else aboard.

This strange contradiction is something we are supposed to miss because we are so incensed at the author's idea that our utility company is going to take the money voted on by the people of Lafayette and run. (No other entity can use it.)

There is absolutely no reason to think so. And no history that could even be twisted into that direction that has anything to do with LUS.

There's also the little factual problem that a test couldn't be run on the $3 million that the author suggest is possible. The number I recall is 30--you've got to buy backend equipment that would serve the whole city.

But the factual error pales besides logical one.

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