Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"Let them have broadband" USAToday weighs in

Lafayette rates a mention in an article focusing on rural communities; the implication is a little off target about Lafayette's size but the tidbit they share is interesting:
The telecommunications companies say they have little incentive to deliver costly broadband connections to sparsely populated areas, and from a business perspective, they're right. What's less understandable is why those companies fight to prevent people in rural areas from wiring themselves.

In Lafayette, La., Atlanta-based BellSouth has fought the city's plan to sell bonds to finance its own broadband system. The legal battle has cost the city $500,000. On Saturday the voters spoke, approving the bond sale 62%-38%.
BellSouth and Cox have used some pretty transparent excuses to prevent Lafayette from doing what she clearly wanted to do. Don't forget: this is the second vote: our council did what we elected them do months ago. The incumbents want to teach us Civics lessons and their version of Economics lessons. We don't need such lessons from companies whose actual interests in the matter are plain: keeping home-grown competition out of their backyard.

Especially when the lesson is so expensive.

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