Tuesday, July 12, 2005

LPB's "Louisiana, The State We Are In" video segment

If you missed the LPB's segment on Lafayette's Broadband debate, you missed a very good example of the blend of color and hard reporting of a sort that only LPB seems able to do. But that needn't keep you from seeing it now. Doug has tracked down the streaming video at "LPB's The State We are In" download site.

It really give the viewer not only a good sense of the debate and the nature of the two sides but also a very nice "taste" of the spirit of Lafayette. Highly recommended.

The whole story is well worth watching for any partisan of Lafayette, the local color bits are great, but what people most remember about the segment is that bit where one of the two lonely protesters on Willow makes the confident claim that he is going to vote, answers the question of whether he is a voter in Lafayette with a yes after a hesitation, and then, when pressed further, gestures, looks up and away and admits that he's not a registered voter. Our friends tell us that he--and the man "running" him are not even from the parish, but from St. Landry. Its a return to ugly politics of the oldest kind. The protester story starts at about minute 5:30 of the 7:22 minute segment.

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