Friday, July 29, 2005

"LUS system now allows online bill payments"

The promise of competition is that we'll all see better prices and better service. We've already been seeing better prices from Cox--they've not visited us with the price hike they've imposed on Baton Rouge, for instance. Now we're seeing better service from LUS in the form of online bill payments. Though it faded, there was a moment during the referendum campaign when the opponents of fiber tweaked LUS about not being tech savvy enough to even have online bill payments. I've never quite seen the point, since we much prefer to pay our bills through our online banking site; it keeps everything nice and neat. The real issue for most folks about paying their bills is how much you have left in your checking account--it's much easier to track everything if you pay all your bills at the bank's site. Still, a lot of folks apparently don't mind traipsing all across the web to pay their bills, the Advocate story notes that about 1000 folks have already signed on before any real publicity that the service was available appeared.

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