Thursday, July 07, 2005

McNealy Interview Link

Joey Durel's Interview with Sun's Scott McNealy.

This is a quicktime link to the interview that autoplays when the page loads. So be prepared to fiddle with the audio quickly. (I don't know why folks don't consult with me about interface issues. This is almost as annoying as the blink tag. :-) )

Readers of the blog will recall that I posted in anticipation to McNealy's appearance. My fantasies about what this could mean are to found in "Sun CEO to be guest on Durel radio show" DO NOT MISS

I never found the time to finish a post on the follow up stories in the Advocate and the Advertiser. Here's the fragment and links to those stories if you'd like a little more background on the interview:

Both the Advocate and the Advertiser carry the story of the Sun CEO's interview. Joey Durel interviewed the executive in that mutually supportive and congratulatory style that has always reminded me of our courtship rituals. It had the feel of dancing a pas de deux. Lots of smiles, lots of expression of mutual attraction. No announcements of betrothal but something was certainly in the air. It was a great interview and the possibilities for a partnership in Louisiana were largely unspoken though passing references to SunRay thin clients kept alive the practical political and economic motivations beneath the mutual admiration society that we heard.

Both stories are good and worth a read on their own. The most refreshing element of the Advocate story was that reading it made it clear that it is not always necessary to hunt up a small naysaying voice whenever the CEO of a national corporation passes Lafayette a complement.

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