Saturday, July 16, 2005

On the Fly...Party!

There are two pro-fiber parties tonight, one at the Convention center starting as the polls close with a cash bar and TVs to watch the return, and one at 819 West Congress kicking in at 8:30 Barbeque is 'sposed to be involved at the Congress location. Volunteers and LCT members are particularly invited but all are welcome.

More details as details are available. :-)


oyster said...

New Orleans wishes y'all the best of luck.


John said...

Hi Oyster,

Thanks for the well-wishes. It ain't over yet.

You know, don't you, that in the hearings on the Broome bill Tom Ed said that New Orleans was the Louisiana city most likely to follow Lafaytte's lead? (How does a city pay to replace an aging sewer system?)

....I do miss Timshel and you comments there.