Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Standing Up—20 Chamber presidents back LUS plan

In a fairly astonishingly underreported story twenty former Chamber of Commerce presidents stood up to endorse LUS' fiber to the home initiative.

KATC offered good coverage in TV's necessarily brief format but the Advertiser's coverage consisted of a single brief notice, in the aptly named briefs section.

The best single quote comes from the Advertiser:
"Lafayette has always been known as a jewel in the state of Louisiana," he said, which is due mostly to the fact that, "We think differently than the rest of the state. We did not build our community on a house of cards. We built it on an entrepreneurial spirit. We built it on a vision of not accepting the status quo, but rather seeing what could we achieve."
This constitutues nearly the entire business leadership of this community in living memory. At some point you have to stop and ask yourself just how credible the complaints of the naysaying few are in the face of such overwhelming endorsement of LUS' business plan by the business community.

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