Tuesday, July 19, 2005

WBS: "Municipal FTTP coming to Lafayette, LA, despite big business"

What's Being Said (WBS) Dept.

Ars Technica, like Slashdot, is one of the geekier places on the net. (And I mean that in the nicest way.) So to get attention from both is one sign that Joey Durel's tech strategy is working. Though in ways he might not fully anticipate. While the symbolism of going after the CEOs of Silicon Valley and saying that you are the "talk" there is understandable--these guys have real power--what needs to be understood is that "silicon valley," is not really a real place. It's not about what is being said at the coffee houses and wine bars in a hot, dry place in California. It's the chatter on places like ars technica that makes Austin hot and Toledo not.

Go take a look at the story. Unlike even national reporters this guy bothers to look back into the archives...or he's been following the story mighty closely. It refreshingly intelligent...here' a taste:

The vote passed much to the chagrin of BellSouth and Cox Communications, who would rather handle FTTP themselves, but on their own schedule. Both companies had sued in court to stop plans, but their efforts so far only forced the issue to a vote, and the voters clearly chose sides.

"This opens the door for every municipality in the nation to look at how they can do what we did," said Don Bertrand of Fibre911. "We deserve connectivity and as we did in 1896 with the electricity, if you won't bring it to us, we'll do it ourselves."

The plan is to start serving customers within two years. Nothing in the plan prevents BellSouth and Cox from competing in the rollout, although everyone has agreed that the success of LUS depends on a large customer uptake.

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