Monday, July 18, 2005

What's Being said: "Voters approve citywide fiber project"

From the CNET story:
Voters in Lafayette, La., on Saturday approved a bond offering to fund a citywide fiber-optic project, an issue that was the source of considerable friction during the past year.

Voters approved the measure 12,290 to 7,507, or 62 percent to 38 percent, according to the Lafayette Daily Advertiser.

The city of 116,000 residents known for its vibrant Cajun culture has been planning to build its own fiber-optic network for more than a year. But local phone company BellSouth and cable operator Cox Communications challenged the city-owned utility, which plans to build and operate the network.
This story closes with an emphasis on how this vote was part of the larger debate at the Federal level where bills to both band and guarantee the ability of local municipalities to develop telecom utilities. That part, and the links in those paragraphs are well worth a look-see by those of us interested in preserving and extending Lafayette's victory.

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GumboFilé said...

This is off point but one of the final things I'd like to do on this site is apologize. If we weren't all passionate about the issue we wouldn't be here. Even those with the best of intentions can go overboard, especially given the medium. For any insults or other verbal abuse, I apologize and ask forgiveness. If any have done the same to me, I forgive you, even, Mike.

David Hays