Thursday, August 04, 2005

2nd Cable Cut in Two Weeks

Both the Advocate (LUS slashes another cable, blames BellSouth mistake) and the Advertiser (LUS slices another BellSouth cable) carry stories on the second cut of BellSouth Cable in a week. We go for years without cuts like this. It is very weird to have two cuts like this so close together and only involving LUS cutting BellSouth cable (and not Cox's and not someone cutting LUS') I have this funny thing that's due to my background: I get very antsy around statistical odditities. They need to be explained. All the interesting stuff in research starts with something that doesn't fit and after a while you learn to latch onto things that are "wrong." I do tell myself that this is a small sample and that at the granular level chance is uneven. Still....

The claim in both cases is that the ground was mismarked.

My instinct is to asked what has changed recently. Everything from the motives of the parties to new crews marking to new folks digging would be worth looking into.

The Advocate article notes the history of incumbents in other places suing over line cuts. I'd look into that too.

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