Friday, August 26, 2005

"LUS chief 'elated' at PSC rules"

The Advocate reported this morning that Terry Huval was "elated" at the new proposed rules the Public Service Commission staff has issued. These replace the previous set of suggested rule which were issued at the the height of the referendum battle and created considerable consternation with provisions that not only seemed to contradict the carefully brokered compromise achieved last summer but which were also internally contradictory.

The new rules are, as I read the report, far from everything LUS might want or, (in my opinion) deserve if they purpose of the "Fair Competition" was to actually level the playing field. But if the LUS director is willing to be elated I am pleased to be happy for us all.

The bottom line:
"We will be able to show up (to the PSC meeting) and say we have no objections to the rules at all," Huval said.

Huval said Commissioner Jimmy Field did a "tremendous job" brokering changes among LUS, PSC staff and LUS' competitors BellSouth and Cox Communications.
There were two more interesting pieces for me in the article--it says the PSC will vote on this first draft today. I'm puzzled--I thought it would be up for a vote the first time on September 1st...I guess this will be clarified tomorrow. There is a bit more that would have been cut off
Should the bond ordinance pass the council, it would then be advertised in the local newspaper. State law would prohibit any lawsuit contesting the validity of the bond ordinance after 30 days have passed after that advertisement -- sometime in mid-October.

Barring any other delays with the PSC, LUS would have the "green light" to proceed in mid-October, Huval said.
Getting the bond issue locked in will be a major milestone. An early Halloween present for us all.

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