Friday, August 12, 2005

Neither a Conservative nor a Liberal Be

Ok, here, hopefully is a last random post from my trolling the more obscure areas of the internet this morning: a post found on (a hard right site) that puts forward an awfully good case for voting for fiber.

Here's a bit from his post from back before the election; there is a longish, very good list there--this is only one point.
It's easy to confuse "private capital with a monopoly" with "free enterprise". The local information monopolies' #1 priority is the protection of their monopoly status: they have done everything in their power to freeze out competition. As a customer, I'm extremely skeptical that they have my, or my community's, best interest among their top 5 priorities. Despite BellSouth and Cox's PR to the contrary, the initiative would never have gotten off the ground in this very conservative community if they had been more proactive about bringing higher technology communication services to the area.

Am I conflicted? You bet! This is a case of a medium-sized community struggling not to become a complete backwater in the information age. In my judgment, the current information providers will not offer a way out, and for that reason, the Fiber to the Home initiative has my vote on July 16. If RedState decides to brand me a socialist & ban me for life, I understand.
He gets slammed in the comments but I think he's right...and its not at all clear to me that protecting local communities and individuals from the consequences of having monopoly providers is logically a right or left wing issue. I think there are a lot of folks who thought it through in this way--and I can't help but be grateful for their willingness to think beyond the first, reflexive ideological response. If we had more such we'd have a much healthier democracy.

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