Friday, August 12, 2005

WBS: "Lafayette (as Pau) said "yes" to fiber..."

What's being said dept.

More from today's the rooting around in back corners of the internet: a reaction to the Lafayette referendum vote from France. En francais, et in Google translation.

It's always fun to get a view of yourself from the outside:
Lafayette is an American city of Louisiana, located on the edges of the Gulf of Mexico...
The author notes that Lafayette hopes to replace an aging oil-based economy:
In short, to create a new ecosystem to live better than in oil civilization...
The problem, it is that even with the country of the cow-boys, the thing is not simple. Between those which are for, those which are against, lobbies of the operators who see of a very evil eye the arrival of the local communities which want to take in hand their own destiny telecom.
Thus Terry Huval, the boss of [LUS] to declare: "the people voted. We will honour this vote - by hoping that the velleities of the opponents will be calmed... - In 2 years, our citizens will have their optical network ". As for Gift Bertrand, the charismatique one chair of Fiber911 (for)... "We will bring the VERY high flow to our citizens as well as into 1896 we brought electricity. If "you" bring it to us (not implied for you: the state, the private operators...), we will do it ourselves ". That here is a speech which one would like to hear in our beautiful Gallic kingdom....
The sense is there if you're willing to work for it...I hope the French get fiber too.

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