Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"Dalton FTTH network paying off"

Yet another municipal fiber success story. Dalton, Georgia is yet another FTTH project that, like Bristol, seems on its way to becoming a roaring success. (And, also like Bristol, is a city that has been abused by the bought and paid for psuedo-academic think tanks of the incumbent Telecommunications corporations.) Like Bristol, they too are running ahead of their business plan and begining to expand outside the city to serve larger parts of the surrounding community. Saith Ray Buzzard of the Dalton Utility company:
“We are ahead of our business plan – we were projected to hit payback in 12 years and we’ll beat that by two years.”
Of course not everything is peaches and cream, not even in Georgia. They do have their problems:
The growing problem for Dalton Utilities, if there is one, is that neighborhoods are clamoring for the service faster than the network can be built.
Folks like dealing with a local company.
“When our customers call customer service, they get a human being, and a human being that sounds like them, with an Appalachian twang,” he said. “If we can’t fix your problem, we roll a truck. A lot of times, it’s a matter of plugging something back in, but we do it anyway.
It's working in Dalton. It's going to work here.

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