Friday, September 09, 2005

"Lafayette computer center seeks volunteers"

Kevin Blanchard kindly issued a call for volunteers in today's Advocate. LCT has been involved with that project using computers it had collected for a planned digital divide projects in Lafayette when the hurricane hit. The computers were quickly gathered up and gotten to the dome through the efforts of a few of our number who provided the contacts, expertise and energy to get it going quickly. David Goodwyn and Bryan Fuselier deserve special ataboys for their part in that initial effort. A cadre of about 8 volunteers have been responsible for getting it going and keeping it operating at the dome. Soliciting and managing volunteers has been the domain of folks arranged through David, Zydetech, and the Chamber though the webform for contacting them is located on the LCT website.

The operation is still in the organizing stage: Things go smoothly because folks are kind hearted and cooperative. There are lots of folks sent in from the front of the building and lots of folks that just show up to volunteer. We hope to get that going better. We need everyone we can get our hands on, of course. But we especially need people who can be 1) lead volunteers, and take a regular set of shifts. --Its' becoming clear that experience is very helpful--and reliability even more so! and 2) patient people who are comfortable searching the web and filling out web-based forms.

It's rewarding duty. People are in various ways are getting their lives back together. It's satisfying for them and for the folks helping. Even the hard parts, where people absorb unhappy news, have the quality putting things in place and allowing them to move on....

It's worth doing.

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